Monday, May 11, 2009

Days 16-25

Day 16 is the beginning of a new phase of stimulation, with new objects, new noises or new tactile experiences introduced every day. This enhances their process of developing awareness. Some of the experiences aren't so pleasant, like when we pinch their ears or clip their nails. Part of their development at this point includes both desensitization and discovery.

This is fun!

Check it out

At Day 25, they are at or just under 5 pounds. They zip around the whelping box, checking things out. They make noises (squeaks, little barks, little howls), trying out their voices and sometimes startling themselves (looking around or rocking back on their haunches as if to say, "was that me?")! They are also working on sniffing, touching, play biting and other non-vocal canine communication skills.

Splashing & lapping water

What's this?