Monday, June 1, 2009

Days 26-35

We continue to introduce new experiences daily. They have now ventured to pens outside, and are discovering that there are other big dogs beside Mama! Our Aunt Dog Phinley has lounged and played with the pups, giving their Mom a rest. Also, since they are actively weaning, a break from Mom encourages the pups to eat from the weaning bowl rather than chase after Mom for milk.

In the outside pens, they have been playing in water to cool off from our temps in the 80s and 90s. They also discovered some of the bigger pups in the neighboring pen, and got brave enough to visit through the chain link.

Some students from a class we teach at a local middle school visited, and we sat one of the teen boys right in the middle of the pups. The smell of testosterone is an important desensitization exposure. Other boys, who were shy about being "stinky", contributed shirts and t-shirts they'd worn so that the smell exposure was repeated several times.

We continue to turn the pups on their backs to be comfortable in that vulnerable position. We clipped nails, and used a brush to familiarize them with the sensations of grooming. Clicker training began, as we encouraged a "sit" with peanut butter on the trainer's finger ( an easy treat while before they learn to chew).

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