Monday, June 1, 2009

Days 43-49

We continued clicker training, adding "down" this week. We are starting the concept of "wait" at the kennel gate, but that's a hard one for youngsters!

We spent some time meeting new dogs, and visiting through the fence with some older pups. So many folks to meet and greet!

Every week includes grooming and nail trims, but this week was our first official bath! It was a great opportunity to check out the mirror and try to figure out who that pup is looking back at me!

It was also our first week for a roadtrip in the car. We rode about 20 minutes to a local park, driving with the windows down to gather in smells and sounds of traffic. There were lots of new experiences, like the sounds of motorcycles, a lawn mower and an ambulance siren. We found a patch of shade on some freshly mown grass. The aroma got the pups feeling frisky, checking it out, and then wrestling with glee. We had a snack and then of course a few bites of the green grass. Everyone napped hard on the way home- not a peep!

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