Monday, June 1, 2009

Days 36-42

The pups weighed in today at 8 to 8.5 pounds each. They are growing fast now that they are completely weaned. And once they learned to chew, they discovered that trainers have cool treats!

We are working on some basic civilization skills, like potty training with pee pads and using the doggy door to go outside. We curb play-biting and barking with gentle reprimands, tapping them on the nose. Part of their play area includes a wire crate for familiarization before we crate train for overnight potty training.

We played the "come game" this week, calling each pup between two people to teach them their names. "Perry, come" is shown in the photos, going both directions. All now respond and recognize their name when called.

Clicker training is underway, both on an individual basis, and in groups to work on focusing through distraction. They are working on "sit" using the command rather than a lure. Without using the command yet, they are also working on "watch me."

We still spend plenty of time sitting with them for socialization. And playtime now includes toys that move, like the crazy battery-operated bumble ball that bounces around erratically. They are working on being calm, brave, and interested around something unpredictable!

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