Monday, June 15, 2009

Days 50-61

At 7 weeks old, we did the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test with the pups. All were fairly calm and unflustered by clanging pans, opening umbrellas and hanging in the air. They were social and didn't mind being dominated by the volunteer handler doing the test steps. They probably wondered what the silly people were doing with all these exercises!

Clicker training continued, repeating the commands of come (paired with the pup's name), sit, down and touch. We've started them on holding a spoon in their mouths, to get them used to metal (which some pups do not like) and as a precursor to "get it". We also started brushing their teeth with a finger brush and chicken flavor toothpaste. Good taste, but with a strange motion!

Roadtrips continued. One was just a ride through a thunderstorm, which mostly induced sleepiness! More exciting was the trip to an agility training course. They went in pairs to explore the tunnel, try out jumps, see if they could make it through the tire ring, walk through the weave poles, and check their sea legs on the seesaw. Part of the time they ran free, so we tried out some long distance "come" exercises, which they approached with glee!

Dealing with dominance

Clanging metal pans

Relaxed while hanging

Curious about towel dragged across the room

Checking out the umbrella

Putting mouth on spoon

Brushing teeth

Visit to the agility course

We love this place!

Watch me go!

Running the tunnel

Trying out the jumps

Trying out the tire ring

This thing moves!

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